[mythtv-users] 3-D UI for Myth, PNP installation, new LinuxMCE

Wade Maxfield mythtv at hotblack.co.nz
Sun Aug 12 22:31:40 UTC 2007

>What I really want to do, though, to improve the readability is make 
>it like the program bar at the bottom of Mac OS X where as you 
>highlight an option, that option becomes 2x bigger and the other 
>stuff smoothly glides to the side.  If that could be done 
>everywhere, like on the main menu, in the EPG, etc., and that 
>anything on the screen would grow when you highlight it, then I 
>think it would not only be nice to look at, but very practical as 
>well.  I think most people like the way that OS X bar works since 
>you get a lot of stuff in a small space but without sacrificing 

Actually many people dislike the magnification option of the dock. 
It makes it harder to hit an item (particularly when dragging and 
dropping files to an app - a small movement of the mouse, say 3 
pixels left, can result in a movement of the target by over 10 pixels 
to the right as the item that was under the cursor now shrinks as it 
moves away ppulling everything else with it as it goes.) It may be 
alright if you were using a cursor key or arrow to move to the next 
item, where 1 click/key press = 1 move, but with a mouse or other 
pointing device it's a pain in the butt.   Great for Steve Demos - 
useless in real life.

Most people I know turn off the magnification option so things stay 
where they put them!

  - Wade

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