[mythtv-users] Listings from EIT and non EIT sources

Jerome Hettich jerome at hettich.org.uk
Sun Aug 12 21:00:49 UTC 2007

I have recently becoma a bit fed up with one of my myth backends 
recording multiple copies of an identical program from the same channel 
on two different sources.  The reason for this on my set up seems to be 
that one of my mythtv backends has a DVB-T source which obtains its 
listings from EIT and one analog source which obtains its listings from 
XMLTV. Therefore although the channels available on both sources have 
been set up to share the same callsign minor differences in program 
title or description often result in this program being recorded from 
both cards.

Now I know I could tweak all my recording schedules to try and stop this 
or switch over the channels on the DVB-T card to use the XMLTV listings 
to ensure the listing data is the same but really I would prefer to be 
able to use the EIT data on the analog card in case the internet 
connection is not available (or the listing provider - radio times - 
stops providing this service for XMLTV to use!).

My current "solution" is to use my crontab to regularly run a SQL update 
to 1) identify channels which do not use EIT listings but which share a 
callsign with an EIT channel 2) remove the details from the program 
table for these channels and 3) insert program data for the non EIT 
channel from the channel with the same callsign which uses EIT listings. 
(see attached script - not to be used on a non backed up database)

My question is is there a way to tell myth to use data obtained from EIM 
accross videosources or a better way of doing this which doesn't involve 
this rather hackish method of just copying data around in the database? 
If not are there other tables I should alter as well?

Many thanks,

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