[mythtv-users] 3-D UI for Myth, PNP installation, new LinuxMCE

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Sun Aug 12 08:54:44 UTC 2007

On Aug 11, 2007, at 11:18 PM, Paul Huber wrote:

> So to be specific, since I use the UI daily, I think that where  
> LinuxMCE's UI could be improved is:
> 1) Find a way to get the same benefit without buying an expensive  
> remote.  Something like a scroll wheel that could be added to  
> existing remotes for less than $1 may have more traction than an  
> expensive gadget like a gyro.
> 2) The aesthetics and general polished feel of LinuxMCE's UI could  
> be significantly improved, and it could use a good theme artist.
> 3) For small granular tasks, like just turn the volume up 1 notch  
> or step back 1 frame, it's easier to have a fixed button than use a  
> gestural movement.  This was my biggest complaint with the air  
> mouse.  That new remote addresses that by having both a gyro and  
> normal buttons, but it's a niche product and very expensive.  I got  
> mine for free :).
> 4) The text is smaller, particularly on the main menu since you're  
> allowing room for all 6 submenus rather than just 1 at a time.
> 5) The heavy use of alpha blending is, I think pleasant looking  
> because it makes the media be the prime focus and the UI is more  
> subtle and doesn't take away from the media so much.  But, when the  
> media has text too, such as when the credits are scrolling by at  
> the end of a movie, the alpha blended menus are hard to read.
> 6) To use LinuxMCE's UI with a gyro control of some sort there's a  
> learning curve and it takes hand-eye coordination.  Nobody gets it  
> right away, and I don't think older people will have an easy time  
> with it.

I have to ask, do you use the UI on a television from across the  
room? I know my eyes aren't great so I appreciate a large easy-to- 
read display. Blending reduces visibility. You call is subtle. I call  
it having to squint when looking at it across the room to read what  
it says. Small text on my display is kind of a nightmare. If I ran it  
on my laptop (like most people saw the demo) I think it would be ok,  
but trying to squint to read which menu I'm on is not my idea of a  
pleasant UI experience. I was curious so I downloaded the movie and  
played it on my 42" 1080p LCD. While sitting on my couch, there is no  
way I could ever navigate without really straining my eyes. I think  
blending is pretty, but belongs in my lap, not across the room. I can  
only imagine how bad it would be on a standard def TV.

The colors are bad, too.. but that's just personal opinion. Making  
them my favorite color wouldn't help. :)

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