[mythtv-users] DRM Music on it's last legs - Another predictioncomes true ahead of schedule.

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Sat Aug 11 20:31:10 UTC 2007

On Sat, Aug 11, 2007 at 12:43:10PM -0700, Brad DerManouelian wrote:
> > I'm not sure it's entirely that, though, Brad...
> >
> > Just a *whole* lot of CDs are played through transducers into
> > environments where there's actually *more* music on a CD than you
> > can reproduce. If you really *have* a room and speakers that make it
> > worth it, you can get CDs and players that are close to up to the
> > task -- and with SACD, are up to it.
> Media aside, I've heard the different between 48-bit, 96k and 16-bit,
> 44k files played on the same Pro-Tools system with professional
> Genelec studio monitors/subwoofer. The difference is clear. You simply
> can't get any better than 16-bit, 44k on a CD. :) SACD and DVD- A
> are close enough to the original where I can't tell the difference.
> I can't tell the difference between 2" analog tape and SACD or DVD-A
> quality either, but someone with trained ears can.

They can if they're listening to it on $5000 speakers hooked to a $3000
amp, yes.

But not many people do.

> Back to my original point, since 98% of music recorded today is
> originally recorded as digital (or more - I'm pulling that number
> out of my head, but it's an educated guess after being at many audio
> industry conferences and talked with a lot of people about it),
> a digital file is the final format. When consumers are ready to
> receive digital files, you'll see all the people in between start to
> disappear. That's why the labels are trying to yield control over
> digital files and finding that due to the nature of the format, they
> can't. They know they will be out of business because of this latest
> media change.

Well, maybe; maybe not.  They serve useful purposes... they've just
sprawled over purposes they're not needed for anymore, and they don't
-- like most businesses -- know how to get smaller.

-- jra
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