[mythtv-users] Audio from mythweb flashplayer asf stream?

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sat Aug 11 08:14:20 UTC 2007

Ken Mandelberg wrote:
> I'm running the svn mythweb which uses the flash player plugin to play 
> the asf streams. I get video but not audio. If I stream it to an outside 
> media player line Xine I do get the audio.

The swf player plays flv files, not asf files.  Nothing in mythweb sends
asf files.

However, your audio problem is probably because the ffmpeg on your
server doesn't support mp3 audio.

> A real nice addition would be the ability to select a live tuner/channel 
> and stream it the same way, perhaps selecting it from the listings page. 
> I guess you could do it now by scheduling a recording and then streaming 
> it out of the recorded programs list, but thats a bit cumbersome.

Already on my wishlist.  It won't happen until it's actually the backend
doing the encoding, though.


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