[mythtv-users] Wake on USB working for anyone?

Craig Huff huffcs at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 10 19:18:31 UTC 2007

In particular, does anyone have a Microsoft MCE remote USB IR receiver (or *any* USB device) successfully able to wake their system (MythTV or otherwise) from S4/S5 (suspend-to-disk/shutdown) on a Fedora Core based version of Linux?

I'm trying to establish whether my problem is the O/S, the driver, the IR receiver, or the motherboard.  At the moment, I suspect the motherboard, but it would be helpful to know that this *really* does work for someone and the closer to my configuration, the fewer things I have to hack at.

It works if I use a Logitech keyboard and/or mouse (I have both) connected to the PS/2 ports, but if I:
  1) shutdown the system, 
  2) take the USB-to-PS/2 adapters off the Logitech keyboard and/or mouse, 
  3) connect to USB ports,
  4) reboot, and 
  5) suspend to disk or shut down, 
they can't wake it up either.

Mind you, I've dealt with the +5Vsb jumpers for the USB ports to get standby power and enabled *everything* in /proc/acpi/wakeup, as well as tried every imaginable combination of BIOS power management options.

*If* all the above details matched, the additional details I'm concerned with are the exact Fedora Core version and the motherboard model.  These are Fedora Core 6 kernel 2.6.20-1.2962_1.fc6.cubbi_suspend2 and Asus motherboard model M2NPV-VM which was manufactured last winter (3 months < manufacture date < 10 months).  I really don't expect that the problem is with Fedora Core or Suspend2, which leaves the motherboard, *if* someone else can tell me their system can be awakened by USB activity.



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