[mythtv-users] TMS <-> SD deal makes LifeHacker.com

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Fri Aug 10 16:04:24 UTC 2007

On Aug 9, 2007, at 6:20 PM, Michelle Dupuis wrote:

> $15/3 months according to http://www.schedulesdirect.org/
> So...US$60/yr for access to listings.  Assuming my myth system  
> lasts me 5 years, I will have spent $300 on TV listings. (Half the  
> price of the PC).

Yeah, and somewhere around that time your electricity costs to run  
the thing will also have equalled half its price.  So?  I've paid  
more for gas to run my car than I paid for the car itself, but I  
don't think that statistic is particularly meaningful.  It's an  
apples/oranges comparison.

You have to decide what the service is worth to you, but I think $5/ 
month is a pretty good deal.  It's cheaper than anything else I  
subscribe to.

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