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Patrick Ouellette pat at flying-gecko.net
Fri Aug 10 13:25:57 UTC 2007

On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 10:11:58PM -0400, Michelle Dupuis wrote:
> Goals are great...but $20/yr is only one possible future.  The reality today
> is $60/yr.
> This is not a criticism - just an observation that the current price may be
> a deterrent to many.  Consider the initial BLUE RAY dvd drives at $3000
> each.  The price was high, and even "justified".  Sure the price came down
> over time...but the initial pricing kept the mainstream out.  As for myth,
> losing the mainstream Myth user (from EPG data) could have a serious
> negative impact...

How exactly could it have a "serious negative impact?"  MythTV is not a
commercial venture.  Loss of market share is completely meaningless.
As long as the developers are satisfied with what they are doing, they
will keep doing it.  When they no longer desire to work on Myth, they
will move on.

Not exactly what the user's want to hear (myself included), but that is
the reality of FREE software.  The bonus with projects like Myth is if
all the developers decide to quit working on Myth, the source is
available for anyone to work with.

As for spending half, twice, or any other multiple of the cost of the PC
Myth is running on - so what.  That's the cost of running the system.
What do you pay for the electricity to run the system over the life of
the system?  What about the environmental controls (heating, cooling,
shelter from rain)?  You don't *have* to subscribe to the listing data.
Grab a newspaper, "borrow" someone's TV Guide and enter the data manually
(but do realize that the cost of said newspaper or TV Guide over the
lifetime of the Myth computer will exceed the cost of the computer).

Personally if all it takes is $5 a month for good data (hopefully stable
data that doesn't disappear randomly) I call it a bargain.


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