[mythtv-users] Does anyone recognise this case?

Fredrik Hallgarde mythtv at tedde.nu
Fri Aug 10 06:02:07 UTC 2007

>>> I am interested in building a new front end for my Myth setup, I like
>>> the look of these cases, does anyone know where I can buy them?
>>> http://www.vidabox.com/Products/ZERO.htm
>>> http://www.vidabox.com/Products/STEALTH.htm
> I don't want to buy a complete system, just the case, they don't seem 
> to sell it as a separate item.
> regards
> Lee McLaren 
I recognize the cases, those are HFX cases.
The main site and online store seems to be

In Sweden they are available at pccity.se (HFX Mini Heatsink Case Bundle).

I thought the one I saw (the HFX Mini / Vidabox Stealth) was nice but a 
bit "plastic", reminded me of a Sega Megadrive (16 bit ;). Obviously its 
the cover/front that is plastic and not the heatsinks on the sides.
Hope that helps.


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