[mythtv-users] MythWeather-revamp Canadian Grabber

Erik Sejr esejr at wildroseinternet.ca
Fri Aug 10 05:18:10 UTC 2007

Joe Ripley wrote:
> Just thought I'd let everyone know that I've posted an enhancement to
> the MythWeather module for the current SVN release.
> This grabber pulls data for Canadian cities via the Environment Canada
> website.
> The grabber works well for me, but I'm sure there are bound to be
> things that I didn't think of.  Check out the code at:
> http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3811
I had to change the #!/usr/bin/perl to #!/usr/bin/perl -w in the 
envcan.pl file to get the script to run on my system (FC7 - Perl 5.8).
Otherwise I just got a invalid interpreter error from the shell. Beyond 
that it seems to run great. Many thanks for all your hard work on this 

Erik Sejr

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