[mythtv-users] upgraded to fedora 7, now firewire is broken

Axel Thimm Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net
Thu Aug 9 23:43:31 UTC 2007

On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 06:31:38PM -0500, Mike LaPlante wrote:
> > I have never blacklisted a module, but after googling, I am guessing I
> > just need to edit the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist file to include these
> > two lines:
> > blacklist firewire_core
> > blacklist firewire_ohci

> You are correct, sir. Just those two lines. By default the file should 
> already exist in Fedora with some pre-defined blacklisted modules. I 
> think its also possible to put the lines in the modprobe.conf, and I'm 
> not sure where the *preferred* place is.

You can pick any file under /etc/modprobe.d/*, for example
/etc/modprobe.d/I-want-my-ieee1394-back. In fact since
/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist is used by hwdata and editing it will make
the next hwdata update either not use its new config file or move away
your entries the preferred location would be an invented filename.
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net
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