[mythtv-users] "Ultimate" MythTV remote setup?

Ryan Steffes rbsteffes at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 19:31:10 UTC 2007

On 8/9/07, Mark Lehrer <mark at knm.org> wrote:
> OK my wife has thrown down the gauntlet - get an easier-to-use remote
> setup or get rid of the entire home theater setup.  Has anyone out
> there found the ultimate remote control for a setup like mine?
> What I have currently:
> TV, receiver, Dish PVR, MythTV - normal operation requires 2 remotes
> plus RF keyboard for Myth.
> What I would love:
> 1 remote that can work for normal day-to-day operations - easy enough
> that an Amish person can figure it out.  I don't mind breaking out the
> keyboard or unit-specific remotes for things like configuring
> speakers, or mythtv command line settings, but nobody other than me
> should ever have to do this.
> Any ideas?
> I don't mind replacing any or all equipment that I have, for example I
> think most of my devices only have a toggle for on/off, which makes it
> completely impossible to keep power in sync for the TV and receiver.
> Also, my 1st-gen HDTV has a VGA & component input, so it may not be
> possible to find a receiver that can handle video switching properly.
> This requires a remote that I can program.  My Sony "universal" remote
> doesn't do DVR well at all, and switching components requires holding
> the button in for like 5 seconds, not really user friendly.  Of
> course, a remote that requires me to buy Windows in order to program
> is not acceptable.
> Thanks,
> Mark

For my wife, it wasn't so much a matter of a fancy remote as it was
fully using the features of the cheap All in Wonder type remote I
have, and creatively mapping the keys.  The most important feature I
found in a remote is the ability to map functions from one component
to another component (ie, my volume keys in "PVR" mode send the
stereo's volume controls).  That also lets you use the normally unused
keys for additional functions.

I'm just throwing that out to point out that going more expensive
isn't necessarily the only way if you creatively configure it for the
specific tasks you want to be able to accomplish easily.  My
particular remote is a fairly basic universal remote purchased at
Target (I'm sorry, I don't have the exact model number and brand
handy!) for about 20 bucks.

Perhaps if you explained more about what she doesn't like about your
current system, there may be an easier or less expensive way to make
her happy.  My wife only uses about a third of the buttons on mine,
but she uses voice activated recording ("Ryan, record the Gilmore
Girls for me, and your stupid computer better not miss any
episodes!").  The key for me was getting a remote with the "tivo"
buttons, and mapping thumbs down to delete so it's intuitive, and then
having arrow keys to navigate comfortably.

I can toss out the key mappings I use, if you think it'd help.


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