[mythtv-users] A hope regarding the new SchedulesDirect methodology

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Aug 9 17:14:04 UTC 2007

On 08/09/2007 12:28 PM, Asher wrote:
> I too, have this situation and I see it as being one of the biggest
> headaches moving over.  I currently have 3 accts at zap2it labs due to
> different channels I can get from ATSC, QAM, analog cable, and
> Firewire via a dct6200.  I think that patch is going to be getting A
> LOT of testing very shortly.

Please, if you use that patch, consider writing the mfdb caching code
(it wouldn't be that hard to do--just requires a little "pre-download"
logic).  If someone adds caching to mfdb, then no one will need to use
the patches (because they'll be added to upstream).

Also, remember that Robert's XMLTV-based approach is a more efficient
approach than applying the patch without caching...  (Trying to guilt
people into either writing the caching code or being "considerate" users
of SD. :)

> While I understand that this is a fundamental low level issue, but
> maybe there is a way around it by having a higher level account that
> people have at SD, which is a container for multiple other accounts
> that contain the lineups.

Regardless, the small change to mfdb (actually Myth's libs) to allow
caching the data would probably be a lot easier to program than a SD
"meta account."  So, people who have been asking what they can do to
help SD, this may be something.  If it turns out that most of the DD
code (or at least the infrastructure for DD in MythTV) is used for SD,
creating the data-caching patch for mfdb would actually help SD.


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