[mythtv-users] Dish Network DVB Legally with Myth (was Re: Alternatives to Supporting schedulesdirect.org) Alternatives to Supporting schedulesdirect.org)

Yadav Gowda thylacine222 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 13:28:32 UTC 2007

I was just thinking of a way that data could possibly be distributed
with minimal load on a server. Here would be my model, hopefully it
comes out properly.

Data (from scraper)    ----   Main Server ----- Distributed over
bittorrent ------ imported using mythfilldatabase

The data is the only obvious problem, but I think that it might be
possible to get Yahoo to use their data, they have allowed the
openstreetmap project to use their satellite data.

Each channel would be downloaded separately, and a program on the
client computers would choose which files to download.

This would probably reduce strain on Yahoo's website, even though they
can handle it, and it would reduce strain on the main server, because
the data would be distributed over bittorrent.

Still some of the problems would be that it would take quite a few
people downloading the same file to be usable, otherwise only the main
server would be the one that was doing the seeding.

there are a ton of caveats, i know, but this was just an idea that I
had yesterday, and even if it's not practical, it might give some
ideas to people.

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