[mythtv-users] A hope regarding the new SchedulesDirect methodology

Robert Eden rmeden at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 03:02:04 UTC 2007

On 8/8/2007 8:01 PM, Ian Forde wrote:
> In my myth setup, I have to use 2 Z2L accounts in order to get my
> listings.  I'd just like to remind the powers-that-be that there may be
> many people out there in the same scenario, and hope that we wouldn't
> have to sign up twice to SchedulesDirect to get the equivalent
> functionality.  I always found that to be a peculiar aspect of
> labs.zap2it.com in that one could only choose one listing of each type
> from a given account, so I couldn't have say...
> (in the SF Bay Area)
> 1. Direct cable feed (up to channel 83)
> 2. DCT-2000 feed over RCA (up to channel 5xx)
> 3. DVB feed
> 4. DCT-6200 feed over firewire (19x and 7xx HD channels)
> Especially 3 & 4 on the same listing... wasn't possible...
Can you elaborate a bit and include actual lineup names not local 
physical device names?

I have confirmed with both Z2L and SD, I could add "DirectTV" and 
"DirectTV Dallas". (both Satellite)

If you're talking wanting to add a single lineup twice with different 
stations added/removed,  that limitation still exists and is caused by 
some low level settings shared by both platforms.

The solution is to filter channels on the client side.   Maybe the 
capability will be added to the native myth grabber, but if not, feel 
free to use the XMLTV grabber as it can filter at the client level.  I 
believe current versions of  the myth XMLTV loader finds all the 
"special" fields that Z2L provided, and XMLTV put in "strange" places.  
If  they missed some, I'm sure I can work it out with them.

Schedules Direct.

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