[mythtv-users] xbox receiver and remote

Brian D. Frost bfrost at brainboy.com
Wed Aug 8 19:19:11 UTC 2007

Just wanted to state that I had excellent luck getting the xbox dvd receiver and remote to work with mythtv.

I followed the doc at http://www.redcl0ud.com/ir_wiring.html to cable in a usb port to my old (laying in the closet) dvd (ir) receiver from my old XBox. BTW -- I am a horrid solderer... I just soldered the usb cable (from an old broke mouse) onto the leads that plug into the xbox since I wouldnt be using the receiver again on the XBox and it was easier since the connectors are so large.

I plugged it into my Fedora 7 box and it was recognized by the OS and the HID driver was loaded. LIRC also supports it.

I then plugged it into my Mac Mini and loaded this (http://xhd.sourceforge.net/) driver to get support.

I then used controllermate (http://www.orderedbytes.com/) to simulate keyboard presses for each of the remote keys. I will probably recompile lirc on the Mac to bypass this step but it works until I do.

Just wanted to encourage everyone to use the old crap that you might have lying around...

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