[mythtv-users] USB IR receiver for Harmony remote

David Segall david at segall.net
Wed Aug 8 16:56:46 UTC 2007

Mike LaPlante wrote:
> Willy Boyd wrote:
>> That has _got_ to be something already in the Harmony DB, to keep us
>> from having to "teach" codes which we can't fire off (not having the
>> physical device).  The trick is finding out which one.  Their app is
>> mostly nice but is definitely a tad slow.  If you do happen to call
>> tech support and get some good info, please share!  :-)  I haven't yet
>> simply because I know I don't have a good universal receiver anyway.
> Now, that I've already spent the money on this StreamZap I'm beginning 
> to think I went about this all the wrong way. I should have just bought 
> an IR keyboard to begin with. Wouldn't even need to mess with LIRC then. 
> ./sigh
> May be going back to Fry's to see if they will let me return that 
> StreamZap and get an IR keyboard. Keyboard should communicate with an IR 
> receiver that converts everything to PS/2. Harmony should learn those 
> codes, and myth will think I'm just using a keyboard. Bah, why didn't I 
> think of all that last night. :-/
Why bother with an IR keyboard? An ordinary keyboard can do everything 
an IR keyboard or a remote can do and is available at boot time or when 
lirc is not running. I'm happy with my "Adesso Wireless Slimtouch Mini" 
<http://www.adesso.com/products_detail.asp?productid=281>. It includes a 
laptop-style touchpad. I liked the look of the Logitech DiNovo Edge 
   but decided on the smaller, lighter and significantly cheaper Adesso.

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