[mythtv-users] USB IR receiver for Harmony remote

Mike LaPlante mike at dividia.net
Wed Aug 8 15:41:38 UTC 2007

David Segall wrote:
> Willy Boyd wrote:
>> On 8/7/07, David Segall <david at segall.net> wrote:
>>> I also have a Harmony remote but choosing the optimum configuration for
>>> MythTV is a real challenge. It is clear from the "real" devices I have
>>> programmed it to talk to there is a wide range in its ability to emulate
>>> them. Similarly, the sample lirc files indicate a wide range in their
>>> ability to listen to various remotes. The search for the best lirc
>>> configuration to listen to the best Harmony emulation is too big for a
>>> human and I can't see how to apply a computer to the task.
>>> _______________________________________________
>> I too have a Harmony (550 I think), and have wondered the same thing
>> for a while.  I currently have mine configured as a Hauppauge, but
>> have run out of buttons for some of the useful functions I would like
>> to include.  The key is finding a good remote (or even IR keyboard!)
>> emulation that has lots of buttons (earlier in the thread someone
>> mentioned the Sky Navigator?).  But for example in my situation, I am
>> actually using the Hauppauge receiver too, which doesn't listen to a
>> whole lot of codes.
> Are you sure this last sentence is true? My understanding was that the
> IR receivers just pass the signals they receive to the computer and the
> magic numbers in /etc/lircd.conf allows the lirc daemon to identify
> which remote button has been pressed.
>  > So I'm limited until I pony up for a new
>> receiver, 
> Before you do this please test your receiver by programming your Harmony 
> as a different remote and using the corresponding /etc/lircd.conf. 
> Please post the results here. I think that many readers would be 
> interested if the Hauppauge receiver is not a "universal" receiver.
> _______________________________________________
I'm kind of in the same boat as Willy now. (I'm the OP of this thread) 
My Harmony remote has come in, and I picked up a Streamzap Remote with 
USB receiver from Fry's so I could use its receiver with the Harmony.

Last night I got the Streamzap all working, then went through Harmony's 
little app and assigned buttons by pointing the Streamzap remote at the 
Harmony. So everything is working now, except I'm disappointed that by 
using this method I'm limited to the number of buttons on the StreamZap. 
So my cool new Harmony has a ton of buttons I can't use (the Guide and 
Info to name a few), because the Steamzap doesn't have those.

So.... if I could set my lircd.conf to the codes for some IR keyboard... 
the question then is since I don't have said keyboard how do I program 
the Harmony? I'm guessing I'll have to call tech support for that.


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