[mythtv-users] Supporting schedulesdirect.org

Robert Eden rmeden at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 8 15:41:18 UTC 2007

On 8/8/2007 10:20 AM, jedi at mishnet.org wrote:
>    NO. DD does have some data quality issues. They are relatively
> minor but they do manifest themselves from time to time.
The DataDirect feed Schedules Direct will be using is internally 
separate from the Zap2IT LABS feed we were using. (Terms are 
important... I've learned DD != Z2L ).  Update policies are different, etc.

I hope (but honestly don't know for sure yet) that the data quality will 
be better than with Z2L.  We do have contractual methods for updates 
that we didn't have with Z2L.

In addition, the Schedules Direct team has some medium and long-term 
plans (with contractual allowances)  to augment and improve the Data 
Direct feed.  We first need to focus on 9/1.

If this sounds complicated (especially with terms like "augment" and 
"contractual allowance"), you can start to see the complexities we've 
been working with.  Sorry we've been been so quiet, but before the 
contract was signed things were very fluid... now things are starting to 
gel and we can talk about it... some.  We still have quite a bit of work 
to do.

Schedules Direct

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