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Wed Aug 8 14:08:13 UTC 2007

> On Wed, 08 Aug 2007 08:48:45 -0400
> Jeff Wormsley <daworm at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> > OK, so you're saying there are two types of people in the world:
> <snip>
>> happen to look at a problem and try to find ways to solve it for less
>> money. The time I spend may have a "cost", but that "cost" doesn't
>> come out of my bank account, and is "spent" during my "free" time
>> when I wouldn't be earning anything else, anyway.
>> As for listings, until we see the pricing, it may well turn out to be
>> a wasted effort to get this data for free versus paying for it.  It
>> may not.  But my first thoughts without that information is to plan
>> on finding ways to avoid paying for it, and I doubt I'm the only one.
> You are definitely not.
> The thing that bugs me the most is that the listing data should be free to
> the non commercial end users.  It's in the best interest of the TV
> stations to let you know what is on, when it's on..etc.  The problem is
> that TMS wants to treat end users the same way they treat commercial
> entities that make money from the listings.
> My Myth box cost $0, if I'm going to pay a subscription I might as well
> pay my cable provider $5.99 a month for a 2 tuner DVR...   Of course I
> wouldn't even pay that, as we only watch at most 1-2 shows a week.  I'll
> most likely send the additional money to greencine and up my plan there.

   While that's all true, there's the problem that cable provider DVRs
suck really badly. They make Tivos look brilliant and MythTV is even
better than that. Paying to access some of the best available tech out
there is not such a bad thing.

    This is a pre-existing condition between the broadcasters and TMS
that will take a long time to sort out. It will be awhile before they
wise up and realize that the aggregation services TMS provides have been
devalued by technology.

    On a daily basis we talk about systems tech here that was strictly
the domain of high end server computing when Tivos first hit the market.
My mac mini frontend is a beefier machine than the Sun Sparc server I was
running my Oracle databases on at that time.

    If the eventual subscription charge is too much for you, you can always
just go the DVD jukebox route...

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