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Tim Gray tim at p-a-a-i.com
Wed Aug 8 13:44:34 UTC 2007

There is one question that nobody has asked.
Is the xmltv XML format going to change?  Or did you guys keep the XMLTV
side of the data untouched?
Is the data going to be 100% identical to zap2it or will it be better?  is
there any chance of getting the more important parts of the data like
origional air date and Episode number to be more accurate?
Basically, will you guys be able to deliver better data?   Zap2it was
accurate on things on the web-pages but the DD service had errors  Was that
due to the fact that the DD services was a red-headed step child?
Also, will we be able to get 13 days of data at a time?  how about a
suggested time for the software to retrieve the data like DD was attempting
to do?
Technical details would be good, not all of us here are appiance users we
like to dig into the operational guts. (I also am the only currently active
contributor ot webvcr+ that relies on xmltv data so It's a project interest
as well.)
Finally, I heard rumors that DataDirect is /was supporting 65,000 users.
How are you guys planning on supporting that kind of load?
Tim Gray - Programmer / IT
Premier Audio and Images
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