[mythtv-users] Alternatives to Supporting schedulesdirect.org

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Wed Aug 8 03:59:12 UTC 2007

On Aug 7, 2007, at 8:44 PM, Robert Current wrote:

> One would expect there might be a way to use this.  Is there no  
> hope of trying?

Curious as to who is stopping you from trying.

> And... if the question is one of legality... then....
> http://www.titantv.com/ttv/grid/aboutpvrwatchfull.aspx
> The list of partners is a lot of HARDWARE companies.  Hardware
> companies I'm happy to support, which were the ones that originally
> pointed me to this data source, and seems a reasonable legal and
> financial mechanism.  So, is using THAT hardware with a MythTV system
> somehow specifically illegal?  How so?  I don't see it.
> Free data, for Private uses, which hardware providers have have
> directed us towards.  What's the issue preventing development of a
> method to use that?  Money?  I'd be happy to contribute to a "donate
> for code" development project to use it.
> So, to me, it seems anything BUT a moot point.  You have connected
> some dots that I just don't see... and why you put those dots together
> isn't clear either.

Thanks for doing the research.

>> Remember, all the other listings providers are buying data from TMS,
>> same as SchedulesDirect.  Since they all have the same supplier I'm
>> not sure you're going to get a price lower than SchedulesDirect's
>> price, whatever that turns out to be.
> Maybe, maybe not.  I don't know...  and your not sure.  So, "setting
> for SchedulesDirect with no discussion" seems to be the point with no
> support here.  Moot?

Please send a patch to use this data source when you have it all  
worked out.

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