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Fri Aug 3 13:33:49 UTC 2007

it's clear to me that some users don't fully
understand the usage model behind some Harmony
functions.  (The lack of a Harmony instruction manual
probably doesn't help!)

Some keys on the remote may not be programmed--they
are "shift" keys to change to an alternate set of key
mappings.  Also, the remote has the normal "activity"
usage model mode (Play CD, Watch MythTV, Watch VCR,
etc.) and the "device" mode where it switches to a
single purpose remote "emulator."  In the "activity"
mode, the idea is to program various keys to control
different devices for the same activity.  My "Volume"
keys are mapped to my A/V receiver to control the
volume for nearly every activity I've defined, for
example.  Sometimes it's best to "mix and match" codes
from various remotes in defining the mappings for any
given activity.

The shift keys, "Sound" and "Pic" on my Harmony 676,
provide an entirely alternate set of key mappings for
any given activity.  Here's where I thnk the Harmony
system is deficient.  

It takes too long to map all the keys using the web-ap
wizard.  Wizards are too slow!  A matrix style form
entry option would be much better.  I wanted to use
the shift keys to simply shift the key map to direct
mappings of my A/V reciever (Sound) and Television
(Pic) key sets.  Unfortunately, the shift key
alternate map must be entered for every single
activity, which is fine if you want unique shift sets
for every activity but I wanted to apply the alternate
(shift) maps globally.  The Harmony tech support saved
me a bunch of time here.  Although there's no way to
apply the "Sound" and "Pic" alternate mappings
globally from the user web-ap, the Harmony tech
support guy could do it!  He tweaked my online
database and, on the next download, voila' -- it was
what I wanted and I didn't have to spend hours
entering the same code labels over and over on various
web-ap forms.  Give them a call if you need anything
special.  The support is excellent.


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