[mythtv-users] Supporting schedulesdirect.org

Bruce Smith blubdog at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 15:38:55 UTC 2007

> >  Making it sound like big brother is watching and going to punish you for speaking of it is childish and does little to help his cause.
> >
> >  Like it or not the schedulesdirect people have to wait for legal ok to say anything. Hopefully that will be over soon. (crossing my fingers maybe today?)
> > All the message from the devs/schedulesdirect are/were meant to do was to reassure users something is in the works and let people know that they don't have to go back to scrapping and the problems that come with it.
> >
> >  But If you/he want to work on an alternate grabber/source/whatever I think that's great. The more options the better. In fact there are already a couple functional screen scrapers out there though I've done little more than download and have a cursory look at them so I can't say how well they work.
> Well I think it is 2-fold.  On the one hand they don't want people
> freaking out so they want to be reassuring.  On the other, they are
> going to be charging, and they need as many people as possible to be
> using their service.  I assume with X number of people they won't have
> enough to support it.  If there is a robust reliable method for
> getting listings other then them, it reduces the likelihood of
> reaching the goal of X people needed.  All of this is just my guessing
> of course, I don't know for sure.  This just reminds me of LxMStudio
> which never got enough subscribers.

Personally I've used MythTV for a few years and love it so much that
it has become something that my family can't live without.

I believe there will eventually be a solution to this problem, but I
am also afraid that it's getting too close to the deadline and there
could very likely be a lapse in service.  Since the fall lineup will
be starting soon, this concerns me a lot.

Instead of "freaking out", I ordered one of the new $300 Tivo HD boxes
as my intermediate solution.  The older Series 2 Tivo boxes are
extremely cheap now, and are also a good intermediate solution for
standard def TV.

I'm not giving up on MythTV by any means.  If the schedulesdirect guys
come out with a pay service, I'll subscribe my Myth box right along
side of my new Tivo (provided it doesn't cost a fortune).  When this
finally gets solved, there is always ebay for my Tivo.  :-)

I see this as a good thing in another way too.  It'll give me some
time to take down my Myth box and upgrade it to the latest version and

 - BS

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