[mythtv-users] unable to burn

norman norman at littletank.org
Tue Aug 7 09:20:04 UTC 2007

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> The log files from the MythArchive session of your problem recording 
> would be the easiest way for us to help you figure out what's wrong. 
> Try generating a DVD of that specific recording, and attach the contents 
> of the log file to your post - I'd be happy to try and help.

Your kind offer is appreciated but, so as not to get in a mess again, I
deleted the recording.
> Not sure if your session is dying and generating a bad DVD, but if so, 
> you can uncheck the box that actually writes the DVD, and just generate 
> an .iso file.  Mine goes in /tmp/work, and is called mythburn.iso.
> If you don't even get as far as generating the .iso file, without the 
> log file, you could check the following:
> 1. Are you loading a cutlist?  If you are, try it without.  There is a 
> checkbox for this in the mythburn dialogs.  I sometimes have problems 
> with cutlists that include the very beginning or very end of the recording.
> 2. Are you using an encoder profile?  My options for this are HP, SP, 
> EP, LP and "Don't re-encode".  If you are using something other than 
> "Don't re-encode", try changing this to "Don't re-encode".

I have made a note of your various questions and suggestions and, if the
problem recurs, I shall know what to do. Really, my enquiry is of
academic interest only as I am not in difficulties at the moment but
thanks all the same.


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