[mythtv-users] OT: Help selecting PCI SATA card

griz_quattro griz_quattro at tx.rr.com
Mon Aug 6 22:36:33 UTC 2007

Harry Orenstein wrote:
> On Sunday 05 August 2007 1:20:05 am you wrote:
>> Harry O.,
>> I recently acquired 3, Maxtor branded, Promise S150-TX2plus cards
>> for a home brew NAS. Just couldn't pass up $7.95 price. I have
>> found that Promise has been supporting this card since
>> Red Hat 7.3 with rpm and source drivers. S150-TX2plus has been
>> supported by libata from early on according some of the
>> newsgroups I googled.
>> As far as chipset/performance goes I don't have any real world
>> experience yet since I am still building my server. The one thing you
>> will have to do is change the jumper from 3.0 gb/s to 1.5 gb/s if you
>> use an SATA 150 card.
>> This isn't exactly what you asked but I thought that it may assist,
>> Dennis
> Dennis,
> First, thanks for your reply.  I appreciate the feedback and

> I am leaning towards a S150-TX2plus card.  Performance-wise, if I went
> for 3.0 gbps it would not be any faster than 1.5 gbps since the speed
> is limited by the PCI bus.  I would be very interested if you could
> provide some actual performance numbers when you get your NAS up and
> running.  I haven't seen a price as low as $7.95.  Where did you get
> a price that low?
> On another note: you really shouldn't respond off-list.  I realize my
> post was OT, but I still think others could benefit from the
> discussion.
> Once again, thanks.  Please keep me posted on your progress.
> -- Harry O.


I ran into a snag building last night with the system I am building
continually reboots at random intervals. Performance numbers will have
to wait till I figure out this Supermicro 370DLI.
Any experience with a motherboard doing this? I am really stumped.

I found my $7.95 S150-TX2plus cards at a mom and pop discount/surplus
electronics store in Carrolton or Farmers Branch, Texas. They've had a
whole bin of them (30-40) for months when I gave them a try. The place
is called Tanner Electronics. If I was able to afford large capacity
SCSI cards I would have bought an HP PERC card for about $10.00.
Web site is http://tannerelectronics.com/


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