[mythtv-users] Can we get an update on the status of SchedulesDirect.org?

Jarom McDonald jarom_mcdonald at byu.edu
Mon Aug 6 18:39:04 UTC 2007

My subscription was set to expire tomorrow, and yesterday I successfully
renewed it. My guess is they are just leaving the entire system alone,
and then will merely "flip the switch" (metaphorically) to shut it down.

Jarom McDonald

James Armstrong wrote:
>>>> dulesDirect Team,
>>>> Seeing as we only have about 3 weeks before DirectData goes "paws up"
>>>> on us, I don't think it's too much for us to ask for an update on the
>>>> state of SchedulesDirect.org.
>>> ...
>>>> Please give us some idea of where things are at.
>>> We're waiting for legal, coding has begun, and we've gotten test 
>>> listings.
> Does anyone know or has anyone's subscription expired recent and been
> able to up it? Mine is set to expire on 8/23.
> Thanks,
> James

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