[mythtv-users] Anyone have any luck running Myth in VMWare?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Aug 6 00:48:55 UTC 2007

On Sunday 05 August 2007 18:44, Matt Emmott wrote:
> I just installed MythDora in a VM on my Windows host. It's the latest
> VMWare server with the latest VMWare tools. However, video performance
> isn't that great. Myth runs, but videos are very choppy - Sound is
> consistent but I'm probably not getting more than 5 frames per second.
> Dragging windows around in X is a little sluggish as well.

I'd guess VMware does not give your guest OS direct access to the video 
hardware, and you are getting just frame buffer performance, but that's just 
a guess.

"Windows" and "MythTV" are pretty much much like oil and water, IMHO.

You could try running Linux, with Windows under VMware.


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