[mythtv-users] MySQL and remote FEs

Lan Barnes lan at falleagle.net
Sun Aug 5 00:33:55 UTC 2007

I'm trying to get remote FEs to connect to play videos and recordings.

I had this working once, then upgraded my Mythdora and lost it, but
ignored the issue till now because I just hard wired (cat 5) my BE to the
hub. The wireless was OK for mythfilldatabase, but stuttered and shook on
recording playback over the network.

Here is what I remember and have tried.

1. I granted permissions 'all' on mythconverg.* to user mythtv coming from
192.168.1.% and confirmed that remote machines can mysql in over the net.
I also spilled the table that shows my grant worked.

2. I configured the BE to see itself as and also tried its
name, xena (a mythical TV character, this being my weak whimsy) because
that's in /etc/hosts. No joy either way.

3. I configured the FE on xena to look for mythconverg on

The results: when I reboot xena the FE on the FE/BE box can no longer
connect with mysql. I had to return everything to localhost before my
family returned and demanded ScoobeyDoo.

I'm thinking I'm forgetting something. perhaps there's some mojo in my.cnf
or in the invocation of mysqld that tells it it's supposed to share over
tcp/ip (but if so, hows come I can connect to it from other hosts w/ the
CLI proggie mysql?).

FWIW, I've googled it to hell and tried every search string I could think
of on the wiki. Oh, and I've lost the URL of the good on-line mysql docs a
friend gave me. So I made _some_ effort before asking ...

Lan Barnes

SCM Analyst              Linux Guy
Tcl/Tk Enthusiast        Biodiesel Brewer

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