[mythtv-users] revcommended hardware setup question

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Aug 4 22:41:51 UTC 2007

On Saturday 04 August 2007 16:05, Tom Poe wrote:
> If I understand things right, mythtv will enable me to use an outdoor
> antenna, and record tv shows.

Yes, but so will a $20 VCR. Myth does not particularly care where the RF 
signal to a capture device comes from, as long as it is a usable signal.

> If this is right, I want to take the next 
> step and look for a computer that will act as a dedicated "tv".  What's
> a good starting point for shopping for a computer?  Are there
> preconfigured computers out there?

Not sure what you mean by a "dedicated "TV". If that's what you want I'd just 
buy a TV set. Look through the list archives and the WiKi for info on what PC 
conficurations work best with Myth.


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