[mythtv-users] Mythbuntu DVD setup for mytharchive use

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Fri Aug 3 21:33:43 UTC 2007

Brian Wood wrote:
> William Munson wrote:
>> Jeff Campbell wrote:
>>> Thanks Mario,
>>>  The dev directory contains several items /dev/cdrom, /dev/cdrom1, 
>>> /dev/cdrw1, /dev/dvd, and I think /dev/dvd1. So figuring out which one 
>>> to use is confusing because both the cdrom drive and dvd drive are not 
>>> being recognized.
>>>  I have found some information that I might need to make changes to 
>>> the ?etc/fstab file and then I have seen some postings saying you need 
>>> to unhide the drive in the ?media directory. What are your thoughts?
>>> thanks again,
>>> Jeff
>> Here is a way to find out what your dvd is mapped to. Use the eject 
>> command.  eject with no command line options will open the drive door on 
>> your default drive. If that works, then use eject -d to print the 
>> default device and you will know what its mapped to. If the plain eject 
>> command does not work then use eject <device> to figure out which one 
>> work. There are several other options that will help if you are still stuck.
>> PS - If you are still having problems, post what version of linux you 
>> are running so we can point you to release specific info.
> Why not just try:
> ls -l /dev/dvd*
> Should tell you what's going on with your DVD drives, even multiple ones.
> _______________________________________________

In my case I added a dvd drive after install so none of my symlinks 
pointed to the correct device which for some reason was mapped to 
/dev/cdrom1. (Maybe because the old drive was cdrom0 even though I 
removed it during the upgrade.) In my case your command would not return 
the correct info but eject with the actual device name did the trick. 
After that I re-linked the standard defines to my device.


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