[mythtv-users] DVD forced subtitles

Jack Madison jack at webhouse.cc
Fri Aug 3 19:44:19 UTC 2007

I'm trying to get my DVDs into Myth, including support for forced
subtitles.  Forced subtitles are those that occur in some movies when an
actor speaks in a different language, ie. occasionally in Da Vinci Code,
Kill Bill, etc.  

Using Da Vinci Code as an example, the internal player in Myth does not
show forced subtitles when playing the DVD, it's either subtitles for
everything or nothing.  I don't know if this has any bearing on it's
ability to use "perfect" mode to save the movie with forced subtitles.
mplayer shows the forced subtitles correctly when played off DVD.  I
really only want the movie, not the entire ISO, and as Myth cannot pull
the movie off due to protection, I tried VLC. Unfortunately the
resultant video does not seem to contain forced subtitles.

I would rather not save the entire DVD iso, I'd like to just have the
movie, but at this point I'll take whatever actually works.  I believe
the vob format supports subtitles, and mpeg does not.

How can I rip DVDs and watch them from within Myth and get forced
subtitle support?

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