[mythtv-users] DVB-S Card for mythtv in the UK

Andy Burns fedora at adslpipe.co.uk
Fri Aug 3 14:32:35 UTC 2007

On 03/08/2007 14:38, Mike Perkins wrote:

> I think what you are talking about is called Freesat. 

Just to clarify ...

several years ago the BBC proposed a service called freesat, they own 
the TM on this service, but have really dragged their feet in 
implementing it, and refused to licence the name to SKY.

Then as a little spoiler, SKY came along with a service called 
"FreesatfromSKY" which of course they don't discourage anyone from 
referring to as just as "freesat".

Also the BBC were slow off the mark and they appear not to own the 
freesat.co.uk or freesat.com domains either!

> You do need a 
> card, I think it's a one-off cost of 20 or so from Sky. It's their 
> satellite, 

Actually Sky do not own *any* satellites, the ones in question are owned 
by Astra.

The BBC, ITV, and SKY all rent transponders from astra, the only 
stranglehold SKY has over they system is the EPG, if broadcasters want 
to appear in the EPG they have to pay, if they don't pay then currently 
their channels would only be visble to those who know the 
frequency/polarisation/FEC combination.

The BBC freesat system when it arrives (next year?) will have it's own 
EPG so loosening SKY's stranglehold (unless you're a sports fan)

> so they charge, even for the free-to-air channels. And thus
> you will need a CAM to put it in. The free-to-air stuff is still 
> encoded, but not encrypted like the pay-to-view stuff. That's why you 
> need the card.

No, sorry you're wrong there too.

Most "free" channels are FTA and do not need any form of CAM, card or 

A handful of "free" channels are FTV therfore do need a CAM and card, 
but no subscription

Some of the "free" channels available on terestrial freeview are in-fact 
pay channels on SKY, and then there are the SKY channels themselves 
these all require a CAM, card and subscription.

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