[mythtv-users] Genius LuxeMate 810 Media Cruiser

František Augusztin frantisek at augusztin.com
Mon Apr 30 17:44:56 UTC 2007


i bought this wireless media keyboard and i have some problems :

1) some keys don't generate any keycode or scancode. There are just few of 
them, so i can survive that.

2) some keys generate high keycodes (got them via showkey). Those are :

    * LiveTV=377
    * RecTV=389
    * Guide=362
    * DVDMenu=410
    * MyMusic=391
    * MyPictures=226
    * MyVideos=393

As i found out, those codes are actually defined by kernel HID layer (like 
KEY_TV constant = 377, which is same as you can see at LiveTV button) and 
this is the reason i can't get any scandcodes for it via showkey -s (and 
maybe the reason for some keys not returning any keycode - HID layer doesn't 
know them).

Now, those keycodes are too high for Xorg, ie xev doesn't print anything for 
it. I tried both "keyboard" and "evdev" Xorg driver, with no change. Anyone 
had luck with this keyboard ? Can anyone suggest me what can i do with that ?

OS:  Gentoo, Kernel 2.6.19, Xorg 7.2
Frantisek Augusztin
frantisek at augusztin.com

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