[mythtv-users] Good deal for someone on a video card, or a B/E ???

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Apr 30 15:17:13 UTC 2007

David Campbell wrote:
> Brian Wood wrote:
>> It's amazing what you can get these days used/surplus. I picked up a
>> couple of Sun Ultra-10s for $50 each, they work just fine and Solaris 10
>> is free.
> Horrid, horrid machines
> Horrid, horrid OS

Depends on what you want them to do.

I figure I got about what I paid for.

Also got a Dell PowerEdge 4400 with 2 Xeons, 6 36GB hot swap SCSI (U160)
drives, 3 power supplies, 7 network interfaces and more for $25.

See, my brother has this boat that keeps drifting around on the lake,
and have you priced anchors lately ?

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