[mythtv-users] Mythfront end and compile errors

luitjens at cs.utah.edu luitjens at cs.utah.edu
Mon Apr 30 06:05:27 UTC 2007


I recntly tried updating my mythbox.  After updating X and a few other 
packages mythfrontend crashes X with the following error:

2007-04-29 23:56:36.085 Switching to wide mode (MePo-wide)
mythfrontend: Fatal IO error: client killed

Thinking perhaps I need to recompile myth, I updated my svn tree and 
started the recompile process but now I get the following error often 
which stops the compiling:

{standard input}: Assembler messages:
{standard input}:37133: Internal error, aborting at ../../gas/write.c 
line 2356 in number_to_chars_littleendian

I think this error still produces .o files as if I rerun the compile it 
continues on but then I get a bunch of linking problems to myth 
functions later on.

My config line is the following:

   ./configure --enable-proc-opt --tune=prescott --cpu=prescott 
--enable-lirc --enable-xvmc

Does anyone know what might be causing mythfrontend to crash Xorg?  
Anyone know what causes this assembler message?


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