[mythtv-users] Bunch of MythArchive questions / problems

DM - MythTV mythtv at tazman.net
Sun Apr 29 20:01:12 UTC 2007

Brian Wood wrote:
> John Drescher wrote:
>>> As my standalone DVD player does not read RW blanks, I would prefer to
>>> fix as many of these things as possible before cutting a new +R blank.
>>> (At about $1/each, it's not the end of the world, but they could add up
>>> fast.)  Therefore, any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> $1 each? Are you in canada? Or are you talking about dual layer disks?
>>  I buy 100 packs of quality DVD+R disks for around $33 US.
>> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817507003
Well, last I bought was a 25 pack and it was like $19.99...  I haven't 
done a whole lot of DVD burning (and don't plan to do tons once it get a 
couple of seasons archived), so wasn't really interested in having a lot 
around.  At $30/100 it's a little better tho, so I may just pick up a 
100 pack next time I see them around that price.

More of the point of the post was to see if someone had some assistance 
with the problems than to discuss the merits and / or pricing of wasted 
disks   ;)  Thanks for the tip tho, I'll keep it in mind next time I 
need new ones.
> Compatibility is always an issue. I have 4 or 5 people that I burn disks
> for and I have to keep track of whose player will handle what type of
> disk, and which players seem to be sensitive to the burn speed.
> As I said, an art more than a science
Do my symptoms (particularly the problems with the fade in / out I would 
imagine) sound like a disc compatibility issue or a mastering issue?  I 
was guessing mastering, but don't really have a way to test without 
bringing in a new brand of disk...  The one I am having trouble with now 
was an Imation DVD+R 8x single layer disk.  My work stock is Imation 
DVD-R, so I could trade one or two from there to try those if someone 
thinks it would be worth it.  As to burn speed I burn at 8x; would 
dropping to 4x be helpful on an 8x disk?  Also, I don't have a DVD 
writer in the Myth box directly; everything is mastered to ISO and then 
burned off a Windows machine with Nero.



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