[mythtv-users] Somewhat OT: Myth2iPod Transcode Succeeds but Won't Sync

Jon jon at sd-6.org
Sat Apr 28 23:41:36 UTC 2007

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Douglas Wagner wrote:
> Ok, I kind of need to remediate a few minutes.  I just realized last
> week that I could even do any of this.  I'm a computer tech but I know
> almost nothing about video, codecs, etc.
> To my knowledge I need to be using mp4 (MPEG-4) format to get the ipod
> to correctly play the files.  I'm not sure where h264 comes in, is that
> a standard format for the video?  (I probalby should have posted that
> i'm recording via a pchdTV3000 card, the recordings are dropped into my
> video directory in mpg format.)

MP4 is a container, not a codec.  The iPod accepts mpeg4 and h264 video
video formats.  mpeg4 includes many different implementations, xvid,
divx, etc,

> My assumption at this point is that myth2ipod is asking nuvexport to
> produce a file that is out of the iPod's range of play.

The file will play fine on the iPod.  iTunes refuses to upload it to the
iPod unless it was created by quicktime.  The way this is enforced is by
a custom atom in the mp4 file.  ffmpeg does not currently add the atom.
 AtomicParsley can be used to add the atom.  This atom only applied to
h264 video, if you use xvid you won't have to worry about this.  To do
this change $nuvoptions to this
my $nuvoptions = "--mode=iPod --nice=19 --cutlist --nodenoise
- --nodeinterlace --nomultipass --mp4_codec=mpeg4";

Or use the AtomicParsley command given in the previous message.
Or use something besides iTunes.

> What I don't understand is how to tell nuvexport to do something
> differently than it's doing now.  I'm not sure where i'd tell myth2ipod
> to encode in xvid format or what that would do for me.  Honestly i'm
> pretty lost on this whole thing.

See above

> I'll take a look at AtomicParsley and see if I can get some info from
> it.  Any additional information anyone would like to provide (or a
> tutorial on some of this transcoding stuff) would be most helpful.

Again, and this is only my opinion, use mpeg4 instead unless you are
connecting your ipod to a TV.  The screen is way to small on the ipod
for the difference to matter.  The files will be slightly larger at the
same quality, but since they are less compressed it will also give you a
boost in battery life.

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