[mythtv-users] HDTV antenna quandry

Rich Osman rich at osman.com
Thu Apr 26 03:21:08 UTC 2007

Thus spake Mark <fairlane at springcom.com>:

> Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
>> The cost of making channel specific antennas is not great.
>> But because they are marketed mostly to money-is-no-object
>> consumers (local cable monopolies), they are not cheap. A
>> channel specific Yagi is one of the simplest antennas you
>> can make, just google for the formula if you are interested
>> in making one. I've made these myself for 2.4 Ghz signals
>> UHF and VHF signals, and the weaker the tolerances for UHF/VHF
>> are easy enough that you will succeed on the first try if you
>> make one yourself. Studying up on making an antenna will also
>> help you understand how the antenna system will actually work,
>> all those antennas become one antenna when you combine them.
>> Also, if you make the antennas and one of your antennas has a
>> side-lobe where another antenna is pointing, you change that
>> antenna to move the side-lobe (but with channel specific yagis,
>> you probably don't need to do this unless the channels are
>> very close in frequency.)
>> -- Daniel
> Where does one learn to build one?  Have any links or "googlese" I can
> search on?
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The best source of construction data are ham radio operators.  The  
articles usually rely on readily available materials, etc. The down  
side is that most of the artilces are tailed to the ham bands.  There  
are several sites with online dimension calclators; enter the center  
frequency of the channel and get the dimensions back, like this:


Googlese: "VHF Yagi construction"

here's a link page

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