[mythtv-users] Looking to set up a new Myth Box.

Shiloh Madsen shiloh.madsen at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 22:14:48 UTC 2007

Ok, but I think I may be misreading this...correct me if I am wrong.
Does this mean that I would have to set the satellite box to the
station I want to record, then just have myth capture directly from
the stream it is sending? That would essentially make mythTV a
glorified VCR...and a dumb one at that. My desire is to be able to use
the interface to say record this show on this channel, this show on
that channel, etc, etc and let the mythtv box change to whatever
channel it needs to be recording from on a given time. Does the setup
you suggest allow for this? The description seems to indicate no...

On 4/25/07, Cole Brodine <cbrodine at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/25/07, Brian Walter <blwalter at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Shiloh Madsen wrote:
> > > Ok, I dug around in the last few months of posts for a while and I am
> > > having a hard time figuring out if I am sunk before I get started or
> > > not. Basically, I am wanting to set up a PC as a MythTV box, however I
> > > am getting TV via satellite. I gather that piping HD content into the
> > > box is pretty near impossible (though I am not sure I understand why
> > > exactly that is), however, what about your standard run of the mill
> > > TV? I am not going to be watching anything on an HD display for a few
> > > years yet anyway (Poor college student heh) so that is no big deal.
> > > The problem is, someone told me that there are no tv capture/tuner
> > > cards that will work with a satellite box. Is this true or not? If it
> > > is not true, can someone recommend to me some good cards that work
> > > well with MythTV? Thanks in advance.
> > >
> > > Shiloh
> > >
> > >
> > Shiloh,
> >
> > I'm capturing Directv via the svideo and L/R out of a directv set top
> > box.  So, yes, it *is* possible to capture from a satellite service, you
> > just can't capture *directly* from it, like you do an antenna or cable
> > source.  You need to have a set top box to receive and decode the
> > signal, then, transmit *that* to a capture card.
> >
> > To do HD from satellite is *expensive*, and requires a modified set top
> > box, and an intermediate box (basically an XP or Linux box, depending on
> > the solution), which *then* transmitts the signal via Firewire to Myth.
> >
> > In my setup, I'm using a PVR-150 from Hauppauge to capture the
> > svideo/audio out from a DirecTV satellite receiver, 1 PVR-500 to handle
> > cable stations, and 2 HD Homeruns for HD content (unencrypted, broadcast
> > channels over cable).
> >
> > Hope that helps somewhat.
> >
> > Brian
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> Shiloh,
> I had a big e-mail all written up, but Brain beat me to the punch.  I've got
> almost the exact same system as him for DirecTV, except I have a PVR-250.  A
> nice thing about the DirecTV boxes, is that some of them take serial inputs,
> so you don't need an IR blaster.  Satellite and Myth are definitely doable,
> especially if you don't care about HD content.
> Hope that helps you!
> Regards,
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