[mythtv-users] Been a while - New hardware, should I reinstall?

Douglas Wagner douglasw0 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 15:31:18 UTC 2007

So I was working last night with Myth2Ipod and was in the middle of
transcoding a show to test it out when POOF the PVR simply shuts down on
me.  No power outage, nothing else in the entertainment center went down,
the PVR just shut off.

Crud, so I go and try to power it back up...no dice.  Change out the power
supply hoping beyond hope it's a PS failure and not something on the
motherboard...no dice again.

(Tho, after testing it, that PS couldn't power up another working computer
either, so I suspect the PS toasted and took something on the board with
it).  No idea if it's the CPU, Memory or just the board itself.

So, here I am PVRless and having MB issues.  Recently I just replaced the
CPU in my main windows gaming box and now have a shiny used AMD64 3000+
laying around doing nothing.

So, long story short, new motherboard comming in, with a new Media Center
Case (can't JUST replace components can we? :) ) and unfortunately a new
Video Card as well (pretty much the same AGP Card I have now in PCI-E

However, here's where my question comes in.  So the prior CPU was an Intel
based 2.8g 32-bit.  I'm replacing that with an AMD Based 64-Bit.  Obviously
to take advantage of the 64 bit CPU I need a 64 bit operating System, which,
happily, I can get ahold of since this is linux.  The question becomes
however, is there an increase in speed/stability/something worth dumping a
currently working MythTV install.  I would admit I'm not overly looking
forward to a week's reinstallation and re-setup of the box from scratch,
i've put ALOT of work into it as is, but then again, if I can get a
faster/better system out of it i'm all for it.

It is currently running FC5, if I do a re-install I'd be looking at FC6
(just to stay current).

So, to summarize the questions and add a few more:

1) Is a reinstall worth it to move from 32 bit to 64 bit?
2) Are there problems with Myth on a 64 bit OS System?
3) When going through the installation steps will I get ahold of a 64 bit
version of Myth with a 64 bit OS install?  (I ask this because while i'm not
a stranger to rolling my own so to speak, the ability to simply use yum or
another package manager to keep myth updated is a VERY nice concept to
me...).  I assume if I compile my own i'd get a 64 bit wide version of Myth
installed (correct me if i'm wrong), but is there an ability to get that via
4) Are there issues with FC6 or any challenges I might have to face with it
that should keep me on FC5?

Anyway, just trying to get a community feel on an upgrade from FC5 to FC6
and 32-bit to 64-bit.  Advice happily taken.

Oh, I guess I should probably ask if anyone sees any issue with the system
INITIALLY booting with a hardware change of a new MB and New CPU (on the old
install so I can backup what I need)...I really DO NOT want to loose the
myth database (i'm using the Stock RH kernel, no patches or custom kernels
to screw things up).

--Douglas Wagner
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