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Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 15:34:35 -0400From: briandlong at gmail.comTo: mythtv-users at mythtv.orgSubject: [mythtv-users] Samsung DLP and XHello,I have a Samsung 42" DLP (4266W) with 2 HDMI and 1 VGA input.  I'm using the VGA connection at the moment and displaying the MythTV GUI with a funky Modeline:ModeLine "1232x693" 74.550 1232 1328 1464 1664 693 707 711 746 -hsync +vsync
I have xrandr enabled in MythTV so the resolution switches to a 720p resolution (copied from MythTV wiki) on playback of all video:ModeLine "ATSC-PC-720-60p" 74.16 1280 1320 1376 1648 720 722 728 750
I have a few strange issues running SVN r13228 (AtRPMS bleeding repo).1) When mythfrontend starts up via Gnome Session, the applet dock is still shown.  If I quit and restart mythfrontend, it takes the entire screen.
2) When I exit from watching a DVD or recording, xrandr does not get run all the time.  The GUI will be shifted 50-100 pixels to the right showing a black bar on the left.  If I exit mythfrontend, run xrandr -s 0 and restart mythfrontend, it's back to normal.
3) I've noticed that sometimes if I logout from X and log back in, the TV is only displaying a portion of the window.  For example, if I scroll the mouse down to the bottom of the screen, I can keep moving down and the entire Gnome session will move around.  It's like I have a larger virtual resolution in comparison to the real X resolution.  When this larger virtual resolution takes place, MythTV re-scales all the theme images and starts inside the huge virtual resolution.  What is causing this?
I've tried the various modes from the TV: Wide PC, Wide TV and 4:3.  Wide PC seems to give the best picture, but still experiences these strange issues.  Does anyone run a Samsung 720p DLP that could offer suggestions?  Should I buy the $15 DVI-HDMI cable from 
Monoprice.com and give it a whirl?Thanks./Brian/I have a 46" Samsung (4667W).  I use a funky modeline similar to yours, but I don't use xrandr.  I just scale everything to that modeline (~1220x680).  I used to use the VGA input, but I've found the picture quality to be MUCH MUCH better with a DVI-HDMI setup.   I can't comment about Gnome as I use Fluxbox.   One other note is that I have one oddity.  When I start X I have significant overscan until I run nvidia-settings.  To fix that I added a line to my xinitrc file.nvidia-settings --load-config-only

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