[mythtv-users] Help with wife issues (multiple front ends start)

Brian Walter blwalter at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 17:42:44 UTC 2007

Trey Thompson wrote:
> Well, I tried out BeyondTV for a week or so, and I have to say...  
> We just love the features Myth has!  :)
> The one thing is that really bothering the wife, is that on bootup, 
> two copies of the Frontend are starting up, one on top of the other.  
> So, sometimes one of them is playing a video, and somehow the window 
> switches, and the other one is playing, all while the backend is 
> recording, and the system grinds to a non-workable slowness.  So, she 
> just hits the reset button (OUCH!), which starts clean, but there are 
> still two copies of the frontend running...
> I am autologging on as mythtv, and this is in my 
> .kde/Autostart/myth-load.sh
> ============================================
> #!/bin/bash
> # Only do this stuff if we're on the main display
> # (i.e., don't do this in a vnc session)
> if [ `echo $DISPLAY | grep -c ":0"` -ge 1 ]
> then
>         # Launch myth frontend
>         xvattr -a XV_COLORKEY -v 0
>         mythfrontend &
>         # Disable dynamic power management (screen blanking)
>         #/usr/bin/xset -dpms
>         # Disable screen saver
>         /usr/bin/xset s off
> fi
> exit
> ====================================================
> This appeared (or more accurately, I screwed this up), when at the 
> same time, I lost a BUNCH of menu items from the "Start" menu.  Things 
> like Administration, Utilities, Control Center, etc... are all gone!  
> Also, some how the "Process Table" also starts up automatically.
> What could I have done that fubarred this?
Wow...you get the process table as well.  I thought it was some 
'history' I had from the logins past.

You don't happen to have any other startups for mythfrontend in any of 
the .bash related scripts?


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