[mythtv-users] debugging backend problems

Geoff Mishkin gmishkin at acs.bu.edu
Mon Apr 23 22:42:27 UTC 2007

My roommate is also having intermittent backend crashes where the
mythbackend progress will exit with a GPF.  This is visible in dmesg, so
you should see if anything shows up there for you (I know the
mythbackend.log file is almost useless in these cases).

What I recommended, but we have yet to try, is recompiling with debug
support and running the backend under the debugger.  We've recompiled
MythTV and QT with debug support, so hopefully that's enough to get a
good backtrace.  You'll also need to make sure your compiled binaries
aren't stripped.

Then you start the backend from gdb (the GNU debugger).  This will
probably cause a performance hit; I'm not sure how much.  Hopefully not
enough to make it completely unusable.

             --Geoff Mishkin <gmishkin at bu.edu>

M L Truscott wrote:
> I am having 2 serious problems with my system as the backend crashes on a too 
> regular basis and I occassionaly get blank recordings with the message "the 
> recording cannot be found".
> How do I find the root causes of these problems? 
> The log in /var/log just stops for the backend halting - no error messages.
> I am running this in Britain on a Ubuntu Feisty machine if it helps.
> Michael
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