[mythtv-users] OTA signal strength Q

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Mon Apr 23 17:55:21 UTC 2007

Yan Seiner wrote:
> Yeah, that's what it points to, but I have to spend about an hour 
> crawling through my attic to rerun the cable, so I figured I'd ask here 
> first....

A quick check would be to take your TV over to where the computer is and
plug it into the computer's connection, so you can see what kind of
signal the computer is getting.  Of course, this becomes less practical
the bigger your TV gets.

Cables usually go bad at the connectors, not in between, unless
something traumatizes them.  Also, F connectors seem to work best when
they're a *smidge* tighter than finger tight, so going through with a
wrench and snugging them all up might help.

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