[mythtv-users] Drive specs best for Myth

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Mon Apr 23 16:19:49 UTC 2007

> Certainly.  Would moving to SATA make any difference here?

I would think SATA might help just from incremental motherboard chipset
improvement - in my FE/BE I can record 3 HD streams simultaneously without
issues, I think I used to have 2 "realtime" commflag jobs running
concurrently as well with no problem (when I added the flash-transcode user
job the drives got really noisy so I bumped the job time to the middle of
the night). Can't remember if I ever tried to watch something as well when 3
recordings were going (maybe a couple of hours in a week with my OTA-only
normal scheduling), but I think I would remember if that caused problems.

My setup is a Gigabyte mobo w/Nvidia chipset from last August, FC5 SMP
kernel from around then, 4600x2 EE, 2 750gb SATA w/sw RAID1, LVM, 600gb
/video JFS partition. Video is component-out from a 7600GS, myth is SVN
trunk 12306.


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