[mythtv-users] Installing my pchdtv-5500 working..

Dan Hopkins dshopkins at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 22 17:51:23 UTC 2007

I've been running mythtv 0.15 with pvr-350 for a awhile, but decided to 
upgrade to 0.20 and an HD tuner at the same time.

My system is now setup as follows:

mythtv 0.20, FC-6 (following Jarods Howto), its work great with the pvr-350.
but so far I have been unable to get the 5500 card to work.

I'm trying to use my 5500 to tune to OTA -ATSC channels

Using dvbscan, I see it is finding some HD channels, as I am getting a 
channels file with the following:


(Anyone know how to read that???  I know have ATSC channels:
4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 7.1, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.5, 13.1, 16.1, 22.1, 22.2 via 
my ATSC tuner on my TV)

The MythTV scan does not appear to find anything, during the setup I 
installed the card as DVB DTV capture card (v3.x)

Xine Testing: (I have a channels.atsc file in my .xine directory 
generated from: dtvscan -fx)

Typing:  xine dvb://
Results in:
It complains about the dvb:// mrl saying there is no plugin support for it.
Under message it shows: found input plugin for dvb

Typing: xine -C 4.1 dvb://
just spits out the help info (as if it doesnt like the -C arg)

(I did a yum install of both xine and xine-hd)
note: I do not see an option for HD skin..

I have since grabbed the source on the CD included with the card, and 
compiled/installed..no difference.

xine -version shows:
a free video player v0.99.4.

lsmod |grep dvb ..shows..
lsmod | grep dvb
cx88_dvb               18757  0
cx88_vp3054_i2c         8641  1 cx88_dvb
dvb_pll                18245  2 lgh06xf,cx88_dvb
video_buf_dvb          10821  1 cx88_dvb
dvb_core               78313  2 lgdt330x,video_buf_dvb
cx8802                 22213  1 cx88_dvb
cx88xx                 68709  3 cx88_dvb,cx8800,cx8802
i2c_core               24897  17 
video_buf              27717  6 

Any tips on what I have messed up?

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