[mythtv-users] HD Video: HDMI DVI VGA?

Drew drew.kay at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 15:12:19 UTC 2007

>  David,
>  From how I read that manual, on page 19 they state that if you use auto
> HDMI/DVI it should use 1280x720p, so you should be able to set that
> resolution via the VGA.  If the screen just doesn't want to accept that
> resolution from the PC, try finding another DVI or HDMI video card, or you
> can buy a VGA to Component cable.

He won't be able to. Typically the TV has a seperate input processor
for each jack type so if the VGA says it can only accept 1024x768 then
that's all it will accept. If he has a good display it will blank the
screen and give a "Display mode not supported" warning or something
along those lines. If not the screen will go all weird.

Given you don't have a DVI port on the 5200, I'd seriously consider
relegating it to replace the GeForce 4 and purchase another Nvidia
that has a DVI port. I got a sweet little fanless low-profile 6200 for
$50 a while back that has DVI, VGA, and SVideo ports and can drive HD
content quite well.

Lastly, DO NOT use a VGA<-->Component Adapter unless you are
absolutely sure the adaptor will output a "Y Pr Pb" component signal.
Component Video comes in one of Two standards, RGB(S/HV) and Y'PbPr,
the second of which is the most commonly meant when refering to
'Component' in North America.


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