[mythtv-users] Starting VNCServer Auto-magically

Carlos Garcia-Sierra tamalotes at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 22:34:42 UTC 2007

I am running FC5 and MythTV in a fast machine. (1G RAM / Dual Core 64bit AMD

I want to start a vncserver auto-magically after boot in two users (not the
mythtv user). Such users are a regular user and root. I usually use VNC &
root for admin activities, while the second user is a user I use for
bit-torrent, web-surfing, etc from my not-top-of-the-line-laptop.

I added the line: vncserver :1 into /etc/rc.local in order to start the root
vncserver service.
But the graphical interface crashes as the computer boots. I can not connect
via VNC. However ssh is alive.
Any ideas why?
Any workarounds?

Thanks in advance.

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