[mythtv-users] Distros [OT]

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Fri Apr 20 02:35:49 UTC 2007

On 19 Apr 2007, at 16:48, David Campbell wrote:
>> ...
>> (K)Ubuntu does seem to be very popular, especially with new Linux  
>> users,
>> and I do in fact suggest it to folks trying to get away from Windows.
>> Now if they could just solve the K/U confusion. A recent survey  
>> showed
>> Ubuntu as the most popular distro but KDE as the most popular desktop
>> for it, which shows a lot of confusion on that issue.
> Not really.
> You can install Ubuntu then install the Kde window manager or you can
> install Kubuntu which is dedicated Kde version.  Kde is used by very
> many Ubuntu users.


As I understood it you get exactly the same installation (or  
packages, at least) if you boot from the Ubuntu CD, choose minimal  
server install and then `apt-get install KDE` (apologies if the  
syntax is incorrect) as you do when you install Kubuntu. And that you  
get exactly the same if you boot from the Kubuntu CD, choose minimal  
server install and then `apt-get install Gnome`  as you do when you  
install the full GUI version from the Ubuntu CD.

As I understand it, Kubuntu & Ubuntu are such staggeringly "similar  
distros" that anything that isn't strictly related to the window  
manager is identical on each. IMO it doesn't benefit users to split  
them into two camps, one searching for, and documenting, "Foobrand  
FDM-123 monitor Ubuntu" and the other one searching for and  
documenting "Foobrand FDM-123 monitor Ubuntu". Things like the  
default Postfix, Apache and networking configuration files are  
exactly the same on both "distros", as are package path installation  
preferences and other such distro-centric quirks.

I can see why it the Kubuntu distinction was chosen, but as a  
disinterested & not-particularly-close observer it doesn't seem to  
work so well as would have done installation CDs labelled "Ubuntu -  
KDE" and "Ubuntu - Gnome".

>> But for day to day stuff it's hard to beat this Mac :-)
> If I wanted BSD I'd use BSD and it wouldn't have case insensitive  
> shell ;)

You appear not to have used Macs since 10.2 or 10.3. I recall at one  
time using CpMac & MvMac commands from the Developer Tools CD,  
however the currently-default shell is Bash and before that it was (I  
think) tcsh. It is true that the HFS+ filesystem is by default case- 
insensitive, but you can now choose otherwise at the time of creating  
the FS.


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